Affiliates Know Best

No one understands your site and audience like you do, so you know best whether an advertiser is a good fit and how to execute. So, if you think there's a match, we'll be here every step of the way.

Conversion Strategies

Afill affiliates cover a sweep of strategies: comparison tables, link dropping, display, incentive sites, mass email, social sharing and more. But, as a performance agency, we prioritise customer acquisition over mere brand awareness. So, what we emphasise most is quality written content that ranks organically over the long term and has a clear call-to-action. Such creative content strategies educate, build consumer trust and improve conversion. We work very closely with clients’ content generation teams to align their core messaging to that of affiliates.

Finding Opportunities

We search for the most innovative advertisers in the fintech, proptech and software spaces. Currently we have six advertisers in our network, which gets updated every time Afill onboards a new client.

Apply as an Affiliate

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Advertisers We Invest In

For smart investors, size doesn't matter - but having a great team, novel product or service, sizeable market opportunity and solid route-to-market strategy does. Aside from these things, we especially like to collaborate with clients whose propositions are:

  1. Innovative - Afill like novel digital services who are innovating how things get done. Such businesses may not be accommodated by traditional affiliate networks, and may require additional education for the consumer. If you are innovating, join us!
  2. Fintech, Proptech & Software - From property management and mortgaging, to money transfer and cryptocurrency, there are thousands of exciting digital businesses and software specialising in these spaces. If you are one of them, we might be your next tool for grow!
  3. High Value - While price point is not a limiting factor, we really like advertisers with high value services because they provide affiliates with impressive passive income opportunities. Apply If this is you, because you’ll be very attractive to our network.

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