Property & Proptech

This multi-hundred-billion pound industry affects all of us at some point in our lives, but has long remained archaic and confusing. As entrepreneurs revitalise the sector, property technology (or PropTech) is quickly becoming a substantial and inevitable pillar of property, both in the UK and globally.  There are almost 300 property technology SME’s in the UK, and over 1500 more globally - all falling into one or more of the following categories:

Airbnb Management, Big Data, Construction Management, Conveyancing, Estate Agent, Home Auction, Home Energy, Home Moving, Indoor Mapping, Insurance, Internet Of Things, Investment, Lending, Letting, Mortgages, Online Agent, Payment Operations, Property Management, Selling, Surveying, Virtual / Augmented Reality and more.

Afill intends to build the world’s most influential and diverse network of affiliates specialising in the property sector with the goal of bridging them with the many B2C and B2B SMEs making waves in PropTech.

If you are a affiliate with influence in property, or an advertiser with an innovative product or service in proptech we hope to welcome you into our network.


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